Expertise & Vision


As highly trained and specialized and widely board certified medical professionals with more than 20 years of experience our team offers and provides all ambulant up to date ob/gyn services.


Our goal and vision is providing the highest medical standarts to our patients.


Holistic biologic integrative approach


We offer classical medical treament but our foremost approach is holistic: We treat the person, not only the symptom, the organs or the disease. 


Medical Services




We offer consulting and treatment to specific medical questions and problems of adolescent and teenagers.  


•   Cyclus irregularities

•   Contracepetion for teens

•   Infections, Chlamydia, HPV

•   Vaccinations

•   Hair & Skin

•   Micronutrive Diagnostic & Treatment

•   Iron deficency treatment (Swiss Iron System)

•   Fatigue -, Teen Burn - Out Treatment




We offer the full range of traditional and advanced hormonal and non - hormonal contraception, application of all IUD


•   GyneFix ®, GoldLuna ®

•   UB ® Intra Uterin Ball 

•   Mirena ®, Kyleena ® 

•   Jaydess ®, 

•   Implanon ®

•   Diaphram Fitting


Infectiology & Vaccinations


•   Infections Diagn. & Treatment

•   Sex. transm. diseases (STD) Check Up´s

•   Chlamydia Check Up

•   All vaccinations (exept Yellow Fever)


Full Service Check Up`s & Well Woman Care


•   All scheduled gyn exames

•   Well Woman Check Up´s

•   Full Blood Check Up´s

•   Ovarian Cancer Screen

•   PAP Smear Test

•   Advanced  Cervical cancer screening

•   Thin-Prep ® PAP Thin Layer Test

•   HPV PCR Testing

•   Treatm. for abnormal PAP Smear /

•   Complementary Dysplasia Treatm. 

•   Bladder Cancer Check NMP22 ®®

•   Colon Cancer Check Hb/Hp

•   Clinical breast exams


Gyn UltraSound

(with High Tech Ultrasound Devices)


•   Gyn Ultrasound, Lower Abdomen

•   3D Breast Ultrasound


Prenatal Care, HighRisk Pregnancy Management, High Grade Ultrasound, 3D/4D Ultrasound


•   Pregancy testing

•   First Trimester Screening (FMF)

•   Nucheal Scan (NT)

•   PRAENA® NIPT Testing

•   High-Risk pregnancy management e.g. Gemini, Thrombophily

•   High-Grade Ultrasound Level II

•   Colour Doppler Ultrasound

•   3D/4D Ultrasound

•   Pregnancy Diabetes Screen (OGGT)

•   Cardiotocography (CTG)

•   Strep B Testing

•   Lactation teaching


Infertility Management & Reproductive Medicine


•   State of the art Infertility evaluation

•   Advanced Endocrinology

•   Morbus Hashimoto

•   Micronutrive Diagnostic & Treatment

•   Fallopian Tube Check Up Ultrasound,

•   HyCoSo, HyCoSy

•   Immun Diagnostic & Treatment

•   Cyclusmonitoring, Lutealsupport

•   Hab. Abortion Diagnostic & Treatment


Oncology & Gyn Cancer Check Up


•   Gyn Oncology Check Up´s

•   3D Breast Ultrasound

•   Genetic Cancer Testing

•   Cancer follow up

•   Complementary Cancer Treatment

accord. to guidelines NATUM / DGGG, Germany


Menopause, Andropause, Medical Anti Aging, Holistic Medicine 


•   Menopause Diagnostic

•   Bioidentical Hormone Treatment

•   Endocrinology

•   Osteoporosis

•   Best Aging Strategies

•   Incontinence

•   Chronic-Fatigue-Treatment

•   Micronutrive Treatment

•   Medical Ozon / HOT

•   Iron deficency treatment (Swiss Iron System)


Procedures & Treatment


•   Colposcopy

•   Hystero Contrast Ultrasound, HyCoSo

•   Fallopian Tube Flushing, HyCoSy 

•   Cervical & Endometrial Biopsie

•   Dilatation & Curettage D&C

•   LEEP Procedure

•   Laminaria

•   Application of all Intrauterin Device (IUD)

•   Skin Biopsies


Cooperations & Second Opinion Counceling


We closely cooperate with other specialists. We do second opinion counseling if second opinion is needed in "make up your mind" situations.



Dr. med. Guido C. Hofmann, MD



is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist with more than 20 years worldwide experience across the spectrum of women´s health, as well as in general (GP) and emergency and integrative medicine (NATUM/DGGG). 


His special interest is in advanced high grade prenatal care, integrative bio.logical reproductive medicine, holistic medicine, bioidentical hormone treatment & medical anti aging.


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Please note: All informations provided on this site are not ment for private diagnosis or treatment. Any information on this site always has be discussed with a medical doctor and has always to be done in accordance with a professional health care plane outlined by a medical doctor. For specific individual and personal diagnosis, treatment and personal medical advice always consult a medical doctor. All content on this site is copyrighted as stated below unless otherwise documented. If you need further information please call our helpline at phone + 49 (0) 6174 / 2 12 82.






Facharzt für Frauenheilkunde & Geburtshilfe, Komplementärmedizin







Biologisch Integrative Autoimmuntherapien,

Medical Ozon

Medical Detox


Intermittierende Hypoxie (IHT)

Biologisch Integrative Gynäkologie,

Pränatalmedizin Stufe II, 

Integrative Kinderwunschbehandlung

Komplementäre Onkologie (Natum e.V., DGGG)

Bioidentische Hormonbehandlung,



Medical Anti Aging,

Holistic Health, Psychosomatische Medizin

Philosophische Medizin



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